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We can match most bricks for your repair needs from our large inventory of old, rare, discontinued, or recycled bricks.

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Antique brick

Antique brick are becoming more popular. This is in part due to the growing industries of foundation repair and brick repair. As these two industries have grown they have promoted the need for rare bricks. These bricks are becoming a high demand item, and in many cases are becoming more rare and harder to find. That is harder to find if you donít know where to look.

Knowing where to look to find these brick is one of the most important factors to being able to repair the brick around your home. On many of occasion people have been able to locate the proper brick to match their home by contacting a Brick Repair company. Some of the better masonry restoration companies warehouse a variety of these rare bricks. They store the bricks that are the hardest to find, and have locations all across the United States that they deal with to locate any other rare brick on the market. However, like most competitors in this market, they do not sell these brick individually. Obviously, it is their ability to locate the bricks that nobody else can that provides a large marketing edge over the competition.

Donít let this discourage you. Not all of these brick are that difficult to locate. In just about every major city, there are one or more antique brick dealers. Simply by checking your local phone book, you are likely to find a dealer of hard to find brick. In some cases, you may need to look in other major cities in order to find a proper match. This process is sometimes very time consuming, and is perhaps easier to have a brick restoration company locate these brick for your repairs. They may know exactly where to find your brick.

 Written by James Nech, Copyright © January 2007. James Nech is the leading expert in the field of masonry restoration, with a lifetime of experience in the field of masonry/restoration.

Brick Repair and Tuckpointing Mortars


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We fix brick mortar cracks in: Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Plano, Carrollton, Lewisville, Grand Prairie, Flower Mound, North Richland Hills, Arlington, Benbrook, Crowley, Burleson, Cleburne, Granbury, Johnson County, and the surrounding DFW area.

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