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Brick Repair Guide - This is the best and most complete do it yourself guide to brick repair. It will help you to locate replacement bricks if needed, determine which materials are needed, how to match your mortar, and more.


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Brick Repair and Tuckpointing Mortars

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Brick Repair Articles

Brick Repair Mortar

Brick Repair Mortar- The most important part in brick repair is the mortar used. Each mortar is designed to perform differently. Some mortars have a higher crushing pressure than others. This is very important to remember when repairing the brick mortar cracking. If you use a mortar that is too hard, the results are going to be: a variance in mortar color, the mortar will not bond properly to the original mortar, the mortar will re-crack and fall out, and is likely to cause damage to the faces of the brick.

Brick Repair and Replacement

Brick Repair and Replacement- After the cracks have been .....We use our power injection system to...... Our Custom Color Matched Mortar fills all voids completely.

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Brick Crack Repair

Brick Repair/Crack Repair- This has been a side project for brick masons, and their quality of repairs are sub-par by today’s standard. In the past, bricklayers have hammer and chiseled out cracks in the very surface of the mortar (typically about ¼ of an inch deep). They then rinsed away the dust and any loose debris, allowing the new mortar to stick......These cracks need to be cut out a minimum of ¾ inch deep. This depth restores the integrity of the brick structure, and combined with rinsing insures a proper bond (not just sticking to the surface which will crumble and chip away).

Selling Your Home- Selling your home can be difficult when you have cracks in your brick masonry siding.
Home inspectors will usually relate masonry cracks....Buyers may not be able to secure financing....

Brick Fireplace Repair

Brick Fireplace Repair- Many homes have brick fireplaces, but most people don’t know how to, or that they even need to be maintained. There are a few basic things to watch for regarding your fireplace.

Brick Repair/Foundation Repair Dallas

Brick and Foundation Repair Dallas- In Dallas, TX, like most major Texas cities, most houses are required to have 80% or more of the exterior of the home covered with masonry siding. The cracks in the brick and mortar around the home are a good indicator of how a house foundation has settled and if it needs foundation repair. In fact, the need for Brick Repair Dallas is the leading symptom of foundation repair needs, and is the reason for most peoples initial concern that there may be foundation problems. This is a good thing because, the amount of flexibility in the brick and mortar is comparable to the flex of your home foundation. If the foundation repair needs are found in the early stages, they are far easier and more affordable to fix.

Antique Brick- Knowing where to look to find these brick is one of the most important factors to being able to repair the brick around your home......Not all of these brick are that difficult to locate.

Brick Repair and Tuckpointing Mortars



We fix brick mortar cracking in: Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Plano, Carrollton, Lewisville, Grand Prairie, Flower Mound, North Richland Hills, Arlington, Benbrook, Crowley, Burleson, Cleburne, Granbury, Johnson County, and the surrounding DFW area.

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