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Brick Repair Guide - This is the best and most complete do it yourself guide to brick repair. It will help you to locate replacement bricks if needed, determine which materials are needed, how to match your mortar, and more.


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Get mortar testing and matching services, and buy bags of custom matched mortar.


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Mortar Color Matching

Brick Mortar Repair-Foundation Repair Dallas/Fort Worth   Brick Mortar Repair-Foundation Repair Dallas/Fort Worth 


We use AMR Labs for our mortar matching services. AMR Labs is an approved mortar testing lab that specializes in matching existing mortars. Many local/state historical organizations recommend AMR Labs to get a more perfect mortar match.


Mortar Matching is performed through a series of mortar testing and analysis procedures.

How are Mortars matched?

  • These mortars are matched through a lab analysis that determine color of mortar, color and gradation of sand, and relative crushing pressures of the samples tested.

  • This process requires 2-3 samples.

Mortar Analysis/Mortar Matching

How to match mortar for brick repair and repointing

Mortar testing begins with a crushing pressure test. This test is used to determine the mortar type. The mortar type is the most important part in Brick Repair. Only a properly matched mortar type will bond correctly into the mortar joints being repaired.

The next step in the mortar analysis is a hydrochloric test. This step in testing mortar provides a lot of useful information. The amount of weight lost in this test is weight of the binder or cement in the mortar mixture. This mortar test also cleans the sand used in the mortar but leaves the sand, the dirt, and other contaminates. All sand comes with some dirt in it, and there may be other contaminates in the sand. This is important to getting a proper mortar match. The sand is 3/4 of the composition of mortar.

The next stage in the mortar analysis testing is the start of the color matching. The mortar color matching is done in three steps after all of this data is collected.

First, match the base tone. This is the Grey Tone. How white or grey is the mortar. This is done by comparison to a mortar chart.

Next, the pigments are adjusted to match the other colors in the mortar. This is again compared to a mortar chart for visual analysis.

The mortar is now ready for confirmation or further adjustment of color tones. A portion of the mortar is mixed, dried, and physically confirmed.

Each formula is guaranteed to match (within a reasonable tone) in the color and texture to the samples provided from your home. Mold and Mildew may need to re-grow in the pores to complete the match. This part of natural aging we cannot recreate because these tones vary around your home and change throughout the year.

Most mortar matches are not visible immediately upon drying.


AMR Pre-Matched Mortar

Pre-Mix Mortars -  Get it certified and lab tested. Order mortar mixes pre-matched to your formula.

For more information about Pre-Matched Mortars click here.

What is Pre-Matched Mortar?

  • Pre-Matched Mortars are bags of mortar mix pre-matched and packaged for your specific project providing an exact mortar match.


For more information about Pre-Mix Mortars or where to send your samples click Brick Repair Mortars.

For brick repair in other cities visit:  Prescreened Contractors

Brick Repair-Mortar Matching

Alamo Masonry Repair provides perfect mortar matching. Matching mortars to existing mortar requires mortar analysis testing before the color can ever be matched. We provide North Texas brick repair, masonry repair, tuckpointing, and masonry restoration services in the Fort Worth and Dallas areas.

Our masonry repairs are blended to match the original masonry mortars of each house. We provide an exact match of mortars and brick matching for masonry restoration and repair or settling cracks and mortar deterioration and damage. At Alamo Masonry Repair, we are dedicated to quality and provide the best brick repair, perfect mortar matching, and are the best masonry repair company in Fort Worth and Dallas Texas.

Our Dallas, TX office is known as Dallas Masonry Repair. Dallas Masonry Repair in Fort Worth and Dallas provides mortar matching with our brick repair, mortar repair, mortar color matching, mortar testing services. Our office is in Fort Worth Dallas and provides brick repair in Fort Worth and Dallas, and the surrounding DFW Brick Repair area after the foundation repair is complete.

Foundation Settling Cracks in Mortar

When the foundation settles and cracks the bricks and mortar, you will need to level and repair your foundation before any brick repair or mortar repair of the masonry. This process is known as foundation repair and requires foundation piers installed under the foundation of your house to lift and level the foundation. After the foundation repairs are completed, you are ready to repair the foundation settling cracks in the brick mortar.

To repair mortar cracks, you must first determine the mortar type and mortar formula for matching the mortar. Mortar matching is done through mortar testing and mortar analysis of mortar samples from the building. These samples of mortar are tested to identify the mortar type, composition, compressive strength, mortar formula, performance, color and gradation of the sand, and other details about the original mortar used. The report of testing results for the mortar are analyzed and a formula for matching your mortar is produced.

Without mortar testing, there is no way to properly match mortars. Then you need to get the brick and mortar repair materials for your masonry repair. Brick matching can be difficult, and you may need to use matching brick from a patio or planter. However, if you have a mortar testing report, matching the mortar will be easy. You can get the masonry binders and mix the mortar per the formula in the mortar testing report or get custom made mortars from AMR Labs.

AMR Labs provide the mortar testing and mortar analysis for matching mortar, and produce bags of custom mortar for brick mortar crack repair. They also produce many other masonry repair and mortar repair products for repairing brick mortar cracks in brick walls, retaining walls, and repairing mortar deterioration.

After you have the matching mortar and bricks for your repair, you can remove the mortar and broken bricks, and prepare the damaged mortar or bricks for replacement. Then mix your mortar with sand and water and tuckpoint the mortar into the mortar joints using a pointing trowel or inject the mortar with a grout bag.

Tool the mortar joints to match the original mortar and brush away loose and excess mortar from the mortar repair. Clean any mortar smears off of the bricks and you have completed a proper mortar repair and masonry repair.

Brick Repair in Dallas/Fort Worth

In Dallas and Fort Worth and the surrounding DFW brick repair area, we provide masonry repair and restoration services, and restore the brick, stone, block, and mortar for residential brick repair and commercial brick repair projects after the foundation repairs are completed.


We fix brick mortar cracks in: Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Plano, Carrollton, Lewisville, Grand Prairie, Flower Mound, North Richland Hills, Arlington, Benbrook, Crowley, Burleson, Cleburne, Granbury, Johnson County, and the surrounding DFW area.

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