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Brick Repair / Crack Repair

Brick Crack Repair

Across the nation, Brick Repair/crack repair has been performed for many years. Generally, this has been a side project for brick masons, and their quality of repairs are sub-par by today’s standard. In the past, bricklayers have hammer and chiseled out cracks in the very surface of the mortar (typically about ¼ of an inch deep). They then rinsed away the dust and any loose debris, allowing the new mortar to stick. The new mortar being tuck pointed into the cracks was most often what they had left over from another job that they were working on, or the cheapest mortar (being grey) that they could make. In other instances, the bricklayer would see that the original mortar was (for example) red and mix up some mortar with red dye in it, and tell the consumer that it will age in. This statement was generally false.

Brick Repair

This is still a common practice. As the demand for Brick Repair has grown, most bricklayers have focused their attention toward this growing supply of work. Almost every bricklayer in the market is running some form of advertising to say that they do masonry repairs. However, most still don’t know what mistakes they are making. They may be able to chisel out a brick, and have adopted the new method of using a hand held grinder geared with a diamond-carbide masonry blade, but they are still using their old practices of repair. They still cut the cracks about ¼ inch deep, and mix just about any color of mortar saying, “It will age in.” Keep in mind that many foundation repair companies are jumping into this as well; professing that they do masonry or Brick Repair, and using common handyman or bricklayer methods; simply because they have hired some out of work bricklayers.

These cracks need to be cut out a minimum of ¾ inch deep. This depth restores the integrity of the brick structure, and combined with rinsing insures a proper bond (not just sticking to the surface which will crumble and chip away).

Before you can match the color of the original mortar, you must first consider how it has aged. mortars (for example) with red dye will not match and age in or fade away just because the original was red. Consider that as the new mortar is ageing, the original is as well. They cannot possibly fade together unless the new mortar was properly matched. The original mortar of your home has darkened or gotten lighter as well as stained due to the elements it has been exposed to. Typically, dark mortars will get lighter due to the sun’s light fading them, and whiter mortars tend to darken as they stain and grow mold in the pores.

Local Brick Repair

If you are in need of brick repair, don’t settle for just your local bricklayer or these methods of repair. They are wasted time and money. There are a large number of masonry companies/contractors that specialize in masonry restoration. To be sure that you are getting the quality that you deserve, make sure that the company you choose does not merely state that they specialize in masonry restoration. There are many of these out there. They need to specialize in masonry restoration/Brick Repair and custom mortar blending. This tells you that they match not only the color, but the texture as well. Both color and texture are as important as the depth of the cut to having your mortar properly repaired.

Written by James Nech, Copyright © January 2007. James Nech is the leading expert in the field of masonry restoration, with a lifetime of experience in the field of masonry/restoration.

Mortar Testing and Matching Services

As you can see, masonry repairs look much better when the mortar is tested and properly matched with our mortar matching services.

Before Mortar Matching Services After Mortar Matching Services