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Fort Worth/Dallas Brick Repair and Replacement

Masonry Crack Repair - (Brick Repair) Procedure

We remove the damaged mortar (approximately ¾ inch deep) with a diamond saw and rinse away the dust. Both of these actions are required to ensure proper bonding of the new mortar. The depth and bonding is integral to fully repairing the crack. Shallower cuts only mask the underlying crack.

After the cracks have been properly prepared, we use our power injection system to insure that our Custom Color Matched Mortar fills all voids completely.

All new mortar joints are then tooled and brushed clean.

When necessary, we clean repaired surfaces using a solution specifically formulated for masonry.

Broken Brick Replacement

Brick Replacement

Some areas may require that one or more bricks be shifted to bring them back into proper alignment and spacing. Broken brick are removed and replaced with new brick. Brick alignment and replacement is an important part of our service. If walls remain out of alignment, all repairs will be obvious.

We warehouse a large inventory of discontinued and recycled bricks to ensure that we can locate the proper brick match to the original brick on your home as needed. It is always best if you have replacement bricks that have been able to age with the house and been exposed to the same elements. New bricks are sometimes cleaner than those around your home.

Occasionally, we may not have an exact brick match for your brick but we have access to suppliers across the US and can usually find a brick match. In the rare case when no brick match is available, we use a process that repairs your broken brick to its original look and integrity.

Sometimes in Brick Repair/masonry repair, it is necessary to tear out and re-lay sections of brick walls or arches that may require more knowledge than simple brick/masonry repair practices.

Brick Mortar

The mortar that we use is very important to getting the brick repair done right. Many companies use misguided practices of mixing your mortar to match. They mix small amounts of mortar and adjust the color between grey and white by using small portions of type N masonry mixes. All packages of masonry mix are pre-proportioned to have an exact ratio per the volume of mix, and they all require the full package use to keep this ratio. When this ratio is altered, it changes the mortar type and crushing pressure of the mortar. This will also change the performance of the mortar and affect the mortar's ability to bond into the wall.

We offer testing through AMR Labs to test samples of your mortar, and match it completely. This match includes the mortar color, mortar type and crushing pressure, and the color and gradation of the aggregate used. From this information, an exact mortar formula is produced to match your mortar, and pre-matched mortars are produced for your repairs. Sometimes, these mortars are manufactured on-site, but the formula is followed exactly.

AMR Pre-Matched and Tuckpoint mortars are the only mortars available that come in these smaller bags and various color tones and are made specifically for brick mortar repair.

Mortar Testing and Matching Services

As you can see, masonry repairs look much better when the mortar is tested and properly matched with our mortar matching services.

Before Mortar Matching Services After Mortar Matching Services