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Masonry Repair/Mortar Matching Dallas

Masonry Repair Dallas

Within the Dallas area, there are very few masonry repair contractors that even know about testing mortars for matching their composition, and even fewer that take the time to do the testing. They make general assumptions about the mortar and then they mix their mortar without an understanding of the composition that they are even making.

We are among the few masonry repair companies in the Dallas area that test mortar samples and get their original composition formula, match mortar color, and mix our mortar from the base ingredients which allows us to provide a perfect mortar match and a proper masonry repair that lasts.

Masonry Repair Dallas

Masonry repair in Dallas has a variety of project types. In the Dallas area, we have repaired many different masonry problems. In most cases, the cracks in the brick and mortar were a result of the foundation settling.

Due to the designs of each home, the areas that crack will be different and may require different methods of repair to correct the masonry mortar cracking. Below are a few short articles that will help you understand the types of masonry problems and how to repair the mortar cracks.

Masonry Repair Articles Dallas

  1. Mortar cracks above garage doors

  2. Sagging Metal Lintel and Cracks Above Garage

  3. Replace Mismatched Mortar Repairs

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Brick Repair Cost Dallas

How Much Does Brick Repair Cost in Dallas?

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Masonry Repair Estimate Dallas

In most cases, we can quote a price for masonry repair from pictures of the areas to be repaired and a few project details. (Please tell us: Is the home single story/two story, about how many cracks, are any cracks wider than a pencil, are any brick broken, and do you have replacement brick if needed.)

Be sure to include these details, pictures, and contact information (Name, Job Address, Phone) and send it to us at

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Masonry Repair Services in Dallas

Dallas Masonry Repair Services

  1. Mortar Matching
  2. Brick Matching
  3. Replace mismatched mortar
  4. Fix mortar cracks
  5. Chimney Repair
  6. Fireplace Repair
  7. Firebox Repair
  8. Masonry Repair
  9. Brick Repair
  10. Foundation Repair

Masonry Repair - How to repoint brickwork

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Dallas Masonry Repair Service

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We provide brick repair, masonry repair, tuckpointing, masonry restoration, and mortar matching services in Dallas. Our masonry repairs are blended to match the original masonry mortars of each house.

We provide an exact match of mortars and brick matching for masonry repair or settling cracks and mortar deterioration and damage. At Longhorn Masonry Repair, we are dedicated to quality and provide the best masonry repair, perfect mortar matching, and are the best masonry repair company in Dallas Texas.

Masonry Repair Procedure Dallas

To learn more about how to repair masonry in Dallas, give us a call.

DFW Brick Repair Dallas

In Dallas and the surrounding DFW brick repair area, we provide masonry repair services, and restore the brick, stone, block, and mortar for residential brick repair projects after the foundation repairs are completed.

We fix brick mortar cracks in: Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Plano, Carrollton, Lewisville, Grand Prairie, Flower Mound, North Richland Hills, Arlington, Benbrook, Crowley, Burleson, Cleburne, Granbury, Johnson County, and the surrounding DFW area.

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Masonry Repair with Matching Mortar in Dallas

As you can see, masonry repairs look much better when the mortar is tested and properly matched with our mortar matching services.

Masonry Repair Dallas -Before Mortar Matching Services Masonry Repair Dallas -After Mortar Matching Services