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Masonry repair is often needed after foundation repair and leveling services to repair the settling cracks in the bricks and mortar. We can help.

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Foundation Repair Services

Foundation Repair in Dallas and Fort Worth is often followed by the need to fix cracks in the brick mortar. This is because the cracks in brick walls are the leading symptom of foundation settling. As the foundation settles, cracks form in the walls. These cracks can tell you how and where the foundation of the house has settled, and repairing them prior to foundation repair can prevent a full inspection of the foundation and prevent parts of the house from returning to their original position. It can also cause more extensive damage to the house and the masonry when the new mortar forms as a wedge and pushes the wall over or off of the foundation. On pier and beam houses, it can crack the windows.

We have provided a link to a foundation repair site below this section that will provide you more detailed information about foundation repair and getting an estimate of piers and costs.

Dallas/Fort Worth Foundation Repair Company

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Brick and Foundation Repair Dallas, Fort Worth, Granbury

Brick and foundation repair are closely related services due to the cracks in the brick walls being the leading symptom of needing foundation repair. As the foundation of a house settles, cracks form in the walls.

Before repairing the mortar cracks, you need to fix your foundation. Then, the brick mortar cracks can be repaired.

Foundation Repair Companies in Dallas Fort Worth

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Foundation Repair Robbery

Foundation Repair Robbery is becoming an accepted practice throughout the US. This is a result of a combination of things:

The over dramatization by the real-estate market regarding foundation repair

The lack of knowledge in the possession of our general public about what causes foundation trouble and how to repair their foundation and fix the problems that are causing it

The excess of propaganda in the form of each companies marketing strategies

Though each of these independently cannot be held responsible, some play a more significant role than others.

Real-Estate Marketing/Foundation Repair

For as long as homes (or buildings of any sort) have been being sold, there has been what we call foundation problems. This is and always has been something to expect when buying a home. There will always be something(s) that needs fixed or that we just want to change about the home we are buying. Real-Estate companies have pushed the issue of foundation repair and as we all know, real- estate agents/agencies earn a commission that is based on the total dollars of the sale. While I agree with them that this is to the benefit of the buyer, I thought that a real-estate agent/agency was hired by the seller of the property to represent them. Somewhere, this becomes unethical ….to benefit your own pocket book under the guise of representing the buyer, and taking payment from the seller. Ultimately their job is to sell a home at the expense of the seller, and in many cases the buyer may prefer to do some of these repairs themselves in order to gain a greater equity in their newest investment.

Knowledge of Foundation Repair

The lack of knowledge in the possession of our general public about what causes foundation trouble and how to repair their foundation and fix the problem(s) is a leading cause of Foundation Repair Robbery becoming an accepted practice. Because most people know little or nothing about what causes foundation issues or how to prevent/fix them, they can only rely on the honesty of the sales person that is representing a foundation repair company. These sales people can tell you that their unique technique of installing their specially designed piers is the only piering system and pier plan that can fix your foundation and it’s problems. Most people are not stupid. However, after listening to several salesmen drop their pitch, who are they going to listen to? Generally, they are going to rely on the word of the salesman in whom they felt the most confident (based on the talent of the salesman and the propaganda/advertisements that they heard on the radio/TV or seen in various publications). Can we really rely on the word of a salesperson who gets paid based on the number of jobs/piers they sell, or the word of a marketing professional who is paid to say great things about a company/product that they probably have not used.

At this point, you are probably wondering, “What is Foundation Repair Robbery, and what can we do to prevent it?” Foundation Repair Robbery comes in many forms. Currently the prices range greatly from $99.00 to $500.00+ per pier. This is a dramatic difference. Some of these companies are under-cutting the pricing so much that it would be hard for them to deliver a quality product, or they may be selling far more piers than your home needs and placing false (only partially driven) piers in the same holes as one solid pier.

I’m not saying that this is the case of them all, however, I have heard of some of these methods being used. Other companies are charging far more than is a reasonable value per pier. They are able to easily disguise this large charge by telling homeowners that they are repairing the cracks in the brick siding for free or as an included price. This statement is both true and false. They are doing the best that they know to repair the cracks, I guess, but the price they are charging is the same if there is cracking or not. Though many claim to repair the cracks in the brick siding, they simply try to mask the problem by smearing mortar over (not in) the cracks.

This procedure is not even close to the proper manner for masonry repair. These cracks must be cut out a minimum depth of ¾ of an inch deep. In addition, the mortar color can be matched to the original. From what I have seen, the average (and most accurate) price per pier is around $300.00-$500.00 per pier (this does not include internal piers, being those that require going through concrete). With this price in mind, these companies that are charging the extra $100.00+ per pier and telling you that it is for the brick repair are making a-lot of extra money. Just to give an example, the average home needs 15 to 30 piers. This is an excess profit, at about $100.00+ per pier in some cases, that is being charged to you for a service that you are most likely going to have to re-do in order to get it right.

In most cases it costs more to fix a poorly (improperly) repaired brick home, than it costs to have done it right the first time. To get your brick repaired correctly it is going to cost at least the amount of the brick repair plus the excess that you paid to the foundation repair company if you happen to fall into their trap being that of a lack of knowledge. Your best defense against being a victim of Foundation Repair Robbery is to be more knowledgeable in what it is they are selling you and why. This book will help guide you through the process of foundation repair giving you the knowledge that you need when dealing with foundation repair contractors, and teach you how to do it yourself.

I hope you enjoy this book, and that it is as helpful to you as I had intended. (book will be available soon)

Mortar Testing and Matching Services After Foundation Repair

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